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Count Your Blessings

Adel pumps water from his community’s new well!
Adel pumps water from his community’s new well!

On a recent trip to rural Haiti, I was inspired by the amazing work going on at the Kobonal Haiti Mission. One of the most memorable people I met was 62-year-old Adel St. Jacque. The first thing you notice about Adel is how thankful he is—for everything! I was privileged to spend a day riding around Haiti’s rural countryside with him visiting other beneficiaries. And as the day progressed, it was hard not be positively influenced by his phenomenal attitude and joyful heart!

“Before I came to the mission, life was very difficult,” he told me, and explained he was sick because of his poor housing conditions so he was unable to feed his wife and nine children. They also found themselves constantly thirsty and had to walk 3 miles just to get water that was contaminated with cholera and typhoid.

But two years ago, the Kobonal Haiti Mission built them a new, sturdy home. And only 5 minutes from his house, they recently opened a well providing his family and the rest of his community with clean water.

Adel showed me how he asked God for a well for the community.
Adel showed me how he asked God for a well for the community.

“I was so happy; I splashed clean water on my face! Now with better water, we will not have to walk so far and we will not get sick,” a joyful Adel told me. “I want to send Cross Catholic Outreach a thousand thanks for helping and changing lives!”

Adel had such joy when he told me how much these things meant to him–and how thankful he is to Cross Catholic Outreach and Kobonal Haiti Mission for changing his life. But most importantly, Adel praised God for answering his prayers. He knows that “Every good and perfect gift is from above…” (James 1:17).

This got me thinking: I should be praising God every time I have a cold glass of water or when I sleep in my safe, warm home–because I have been blessed by the Lord. Most of the time, I end up taking these things for granted. I’m so glad I met Adel–he gave me a brand new perspective on counting my blessings!

-Catherine M.