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Homes Dedicated to the Lord in Guatemala

Marina Mendez
Hope of Life (Esperanza de Vida) housing in Teculutpan, Guatemala. Marina Mendez family .Fr. Francisco Murcia.

In the Diocese of Zacapa in Guatemala, Father Francisco Murcia dedicated the home of Marina Mendez and her daughters. Before moving into her new home, Marina and her daughters were crammed into a crumbling one-room mud and stick shack with other relatives. Through the kindness of Cross Catholic Outreach supporters and the ministry of the Diocese of Zacapa and local housing provider Esperanza de Vida, Marina and her children moved into the this sturdy concrete home. Their new house has two bedrooms, a living room, a lockable door and windows. As depicted in the photo, each home provided by the diocese is dedicated to the Lord by the parish priest and every family is given a new Bible. These homes represent a fresh start in life and are a tangible reminder of God’s mercy and love.

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