Project: Diocese of St. George’s Housing
Location: Georgetown, Grenada

Ninety-two-year-old Hortensia Francis lives alone and supports herself by making crafts. Her home was in complete disrepair, but with the support of Cross Catholic Outreach, the Diocese of St. George came along to help. Your generosity as a Cross Catholic Outreach Mission Partner made it possible for Hortensia’s roof and flooring to be repaired, as well as simple improvements to be made to her kitchen and bathroom. “If you knew how good I feel now!” she said. “It was really bad.”

Hortensia is a devoted Catholic who still volunteers her time to help others through the St. Vincent de Paul Society. This servant of the Lord has always refreshed the lives of others, and now she is being refreshed.

Your kindness as a Cross Catholic Outreach Mission Partner is giving hope to other poor families in Grenada: victims of natural disasters like hurricanes and fires, mothers raising children alone, the elderly and others who are living hand to mouth. Your kindness provides hope and help to the neediest.
God bless you for helping Hortensia and many others who are so grateful for your kindness and are praying for you!

For you have been a refuge to the poor, a refuge to the needy in their distress, shelter from the rainstorm, and a shade from the heat. – Isaiah 25:4