Project: Daughters of Charity
Location: Tigray Ethiopia

Lete, 40, lived with her mother and three children in a broken-down home with a leaky roof. The family had been living in the home for over 20 years. When Lete’s husband died in 2014, the Daughters of Charity sisters, Cross Catholic Outreach’s partner in the field, noticed the family’s impoverished situation and got involved. With funds provided by you and other Mission Partners, we repaired Lete’s house, including building a new kitchen and a bathroom with a toilet, which are luxuries for poor Ethiopian families.

Since the house’s door and window face a street, Lete plans on using her new and improved home to build a business selling vegetables and injera bread to people passing by. Her long-term goal is to open a restaurant!

“I am very happy with the new house — especially with the toilet,” Lete told Cross Catholic Outreach. “With the house as collateral, the government will give me credit to repair the old rooms so that I can have a small restaurant in the future. My house is well-located — advertising is easy, and I will have many customers.”