Project: Answering the Cry of the Poor (ANCOP)
Location: Sorsogon City, Philippines

Arlene Jamisola says having her own house gives her a sense of security — something that was greatly lacking as she struggled to raise her daughter on her own. Arlene’s situation improved when she married her husband, Wilfredo, who has four grown children and works as a tricycle taxi driver. However, his typical earnings of around $23 a week aren’t a lot to live on, so they’d been living with Arlene’s mother in Sorsogon City. When Arlene and Wilfredo joined Couples for Christ, ANCOP’s spiritual outreach, they applied for a house while faithfully attending the ministry’s weekly meetings. During these gatherings, their 3-year-old daughter has enjoyed meeting other people and has learned to pray. Their involvement has not only given them hope for their housing situation, but it also had a positive influence on their spiritual formation.

And now… their dream of having their own sturdy, secure home has come true. This and other families’ dreams come true because of YOU. This is your compassion in action! Thank you!


Cross Catholic Outreach partners with Answering the Cry of the Poor (ANCOP) in the Philippines to build sturdy homes for families living in shacks made of scraps. Their new, brightly colored concrete homes instill a sense of pride in recipients, who donate at least 500 hours of sweat equity during construction.

ANCOP doesn’t just build individual houses, but it transforms the slums by building entire neighborhoods. But it really isn’t a new home that transforms lives. It is God. ANCOP knows this, and its mission always includes spiritual formation to create pathways for the Holy Spirit to change the lives of entire families. Your gifts as a Cross Catholic Outreach Mission Partner make you part of this transformative ministry!