Without YOU they wouldn’t even be in school

Project: St Francis Xavier Feeding Programs
Location: Guyana

Poor children in Guyana often go to school hungry. As a result, their learning suffers and they soon stop attending. But the St. Francis Xavier Parish in Charity is partnering with four local schools to provide schoolchildren a meal in the name of Christ with the help of parishioners who graciously volunteer their time.

“When they come, they are very hungry,” said Margaret Murray, a volunteer cook and local parishioner.
“They may have had only bread and beans in the morning. And some children complain that they don’t eat before they come.”

Thanks to your regular help as a Mission Partner, many children in Guyana are getting a daily meal and a new chance at life!

In providing food for these lifesaving ministries, you are meeting the urgent needs of the poor, sharing Christ’s love and rekindling lost hope. You are being a true follower of Christ, not just in word but, in deed. May God bless you for healing hungry bodies and souls with food, mercy and compassion!