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Prayer Energizes Missions Most

In a video message to the Pontifical Missions Societies, Pope Francis called all Christians to be missionaries through prayer. He identifies prayer as “the first missionary work” – the responsibility of every believer as we work with the Holy Spirit to support the global Church and advance the Gospel. Click here for the story.

How Cross Catholic Outreach is making an impact

The Pontifical Mission Societies exists to strengthen the Church worldwide, especially in areas that have been largely unreached by the Gospel. Pope Francis identifies its responsibilities as “praying and acting concretely to support evangelization.” Following the same model, Cross Catholic Outreach believes in partnering with missions around the world – and supporting ministries that address both material and spiritual needs. Together with our donors, we strive to empower effective global ministries and cover them in prayer.

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    My prayer requests did not transmit on Prayer Request link, so please forward the following prayer requests.
    Thank you.
    1. Previous prayer requests.
    2. All strive to join You.
    3. Patrice’s legal situation and turn to You.
    4. Medical conditions as reported by recent doctor visits and medical, dental, pain-control, health, functioning, protections, medications, situation, and all blessings for self, families, those for whom we pray and all; pray this for all.
    5. Thank You for safe travel and relationships, and social blessings for wedding, reunion, funeral and gathering, Nolans’ affair, Jim; pray these for all.
    6. Jacinta, Rich, Mav lives and turning to You.
    7. Long term positiveness from N. Korean summit and peace and decent situations for all.
    8. Safe and good trip for J. and D. and for us.
    9. Patrick and any with serious difficulty; have all turn to You.
    10. Thank You for everything and help us follow Your way.

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