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A Chance to Grow
In Your Spiritual Journey

We are delighted to have you join us for the Cross Catholic Outreach pilgrimage to Rome on September 13-25, 2019. This will be a powerful opportunity to experience God’s wondrous presence in one of the most incredible cities in the world!

A pilgrimage is a beautiful metaphor for the spiritual life as you travel inward as well as outward to draw closer to God. It’s a chance to push aside life’s responsibilities and distractions and focus your whole mind and heart on the merciful face of Christ.

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Please bookmark this webpage as your resource for everything regarding the trip. You will have access to the trip itinerary, frequently asked questions, travel tips and special announcements.

If you have any questions, please call  800-914-2420 ext. 254.

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Questions About the Trip

The $6,200 per person charge includes the following:

Flight from Atlanta, GA to Rome.
Meals and hotel stays in Rome.
Flight from Rome to Atlanta, GA.
Ground transportation.
Yes. The first deposit of $500 will hold your reservation. The second deposit of $2,500 is required by January 20, 2019. The remaining cost of the trip is required by June 16, 2019.
Flight from home to Atlanta.
Flight from Atlanta to your home.
5-6 meals on your own are recommended (You will have a free day in Rome, which will be 3 meals)
Yes, but there is an extra cost to travel as a single person ($250)
We would be happy to arrange something to celebrate your special occasion (i.e. birthday, wedding anniversary, etc.)
Yes, the group will meet at the hotel, have a special dinner and gather for morning Mass.
Each month you will receive either an email from our team or a phone call from your International Development Officer announcing new details about the trip. There will also be several conference call events that will allow you to get to know our trip organizers (some of whom will be joining you on the trip), go over the itinerary in detail and review important updates.
Please contact Susan Ramirez at 800-914-2420 ext. 254 or


Pilgrimage Schedule

Group A September 13 - 25, 2019 See full itinerary
Group B September 27 - October 9, 2019 See full itinerary

travel tips

Travel Guide for the
Catholic Pilgrim

Besides the obvious things to be mindful of — be aware of your pockets, bags, and purses, display maximum respect, etc. — here is some additional advice:


Bus 64 connects Termini station with the Vatican. This bus is famous for its pickpockets, so be extra careful with your belongings. You can also start to look for alternatives by asking our travel specialist at our August 2019 conference call.


During your visit to the Vatican, you may find street vendors who offer products or services directly to you. Although they are genuinely nice people, we believe it would not be wise to purchase anything from them because some are experts at deceiving tourists.

If you experience any problems (which we highly doubt as you will be in good hands with our staff and chaplain), we suggest going directly to the Italian police.
There are Vatican special corps agents in the Piazza and on patrol.

Tips to Get The Most of Your Rome Trip
Although there won’t be enough time to experience it all, here are some our top suggestions:

TAKE A COOKING CLASS. Food is so integral into Italian life and culture. The best classes are attended by locals who want to perfect classic recipes and techniques, including “cacio e pepe” (here’s a great recipe). Mama Laboratori di Cucina near the Salaria is a satisfying option if you either speak Italian or love to meet new friends and don’t mind learning mostly by watching.
VISIT THE BREATH - TAKING BEACH TOWN OF SPERLONGA, about an hour’s train ride from Rome’s Termini station. While you’re there, be sure to try the seaside restaurant, Lido Rocco. With simple local food and stunning views, you will peacefully reflect on your spiritual experience before returning to your pilgrimage.
EAT AUTHENTIC GELATO. There are many gelaterias in Rome and all are sure to not disappoint. But there is a gelateria very close to Via Condotti where you’ll find the Spanish Steps. Just imagine — gelato on the Spanish Steps.

Rome and Vatican News
See below for the latest news of Rome and the Vatican. (These resources are displayed in Italian. You will need a translator if you do not speak the language)


Read news and weekly updates from Rome / Pope’s speaking engagements.


View all upcoming Papal events with times and locations.


Trip Updates

Please refer back to this section often for updates on conference call schedules, travel information, and other helpful information for your experience.

Group a

Read news and weekly updates from Rome/Pope's speaking engagements.

Group b

Read news and weekly updates from Rome/Pope's speaking engagements.